Welcome To The Ramblings Of A Fangbanger

I just want to welcome you to my blog. I’m hoping that you’ll check back every once in a while to see if and when I post something. I’m mainly going to write my True Blood or Vampire stories here. I can’t promise that it will be often but I can tell you that I AM working on an Eric/Sookie story and another Eric/Godric/Sookie story. So when I have them finished I plan on posting them here.

Feel free to check out my About section to find out what I like to read and if you want or can leave me a comment with some WordPress sites that have my favourite pairings. I’m still at a loss as to how to navigate and search for other WordPress Blogs. Feel free to give me tips too! I’m always up to learning more!

For those that are on the Fangbanger’s Anonymous Directory I’ve only gotten up to the G’s I think. So don’t worry if I haven’t gotten to your letter! 🙂 I’m Diligently looking for new stories! If I have I’ve most likely followed you if I read your stories. 🙂 But Yes Welcome to my Ramblings!


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