So you want to know about me? Let’s see, I’m a mother of two boys and an aspiring writer hoping to be published in print at some point. I love to read fan-fiction, especially (At least lately) True Blood, Vampire Diaries/Twilight crossovers, Twilight/Originals Crossovers, Twilight, Harry Potter H. Granger/M. McGonagall, Harry Potter Cissamione, True Blood/Twilight Crossovers.

I’m a huge fan of Eric/Sookie stories or Eric/Sookie/Godric. I’m not a big fan of Bill, I always thought that Sookie belonged to/with Eric. I like femslash stories too, like Hermione and Minerva or Hermione and Narcissa, Hermione and Fleur is always a good match too. I do read Devil Wears Prada stories that feature Miranda and Andy as well. But my favourites right now are the True Blood and the Twilight Crossovers.

As far as Twilight goes I do love my Bella/Jasper stories. Bella and Pete are interesting too. I’ve read a bit of everything that goes with Twilight really. My favourites of those are Bella with either of the three kings (Aro, Caius, Marcus), Bella/Jasper, Bella/Esme, Bella/Pete and most definitely Bella/Carlisle. I think the last is my most favourite.

As for my writing I’ve recently been working on a couple of True Blood Stories but I don’t want to publish anything until I have it all written. That way I don’t have anyone wondering about updates. This way I can publish them all at once. So, look for two stories in the future. I have other stories too but right now I think that I’m only going to post my True Blood Stories here. If I have other Vampire stories I’ll probably post them here as well.

Now I’ll stop rambling and let you be on your way. Enjoy!

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Where I plan to write my True Blood stories..

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